2️⃣個動作2️⃣分鐘0️⃣失敗杏仁果植物奶 | Almond Milk

做法 | Steps:

動作一:加250毫升溫或熱水 + 一大匙羹🥄 (約25公克) 原味去皮杏仁果醬 至保溫瓶 | Add 250ml Warm/Hot Water + 1 Big Tbsp. ( Around 25g) Blanched Almond Butter into a thermos.
動作二:關緊保溫瓶蓋 + 上下️↕️均勻搖動保溫瓶20下 | Close the lid tightly, and shake up & down for 20 times.  
營養滿滿杏仁果奶完成👇  | Done, Ready to  Go! 
咖啡控?直接倒入一份濃縮咖啡Espresso,立刻變身手沖杏仁果奶咖啡☕️ | Almond Milk + Solo Espresso = Almond Milk Latte!

製作 堅果植物奶 FAQ |FAQ on making Nut Milk in 2mins" :

1. 堅果醬和水的比例應該是多少❓ | What is the normal proportion between nut butter and water?
醬和水的比例是1比10, 濃淡可以按個人口味來調整👅 | Usually is 1:10, but feel free to adjust the proportion per your own taste.
2. 一定要用「保溫瓶」嗎❓ | Other than using a thermos, can I use other type of container? 
不是喔, 只要是可以容許您↕️上下搖動有蓋子的容器都OK。 | Yes, any type of container that allows you to shake up & down without leaking can do the job.
3. 一定要用「搖」嗎❓ | Can I stir the nut butter, instead of shaking up & down?
是的, 就好像手搖飲, 一定要用搖動的方式才可以把醬和水快速均勻的融合。只用攪拌的方式是比較難做到均勻融合的堅果植物奶喔。 | Not really, stirring is hard to combine the nut butter and the water evenly. Shaking is the fastest way other than using blender.
4.天氣開始熱🔥, 可以做❄️冰堅果植物奶嗎❓ | How to make an ice Nut Milk?
可以, 小撇步是先用小量熱水把醬 「搖」開(熱水只要能蓋過醬就夠了), 然後加入適量冷水, 再↕️上下搖20下就完成了。當然也可以把搖好的杏仁果奶放入冰箱冷凍, 飲用時再搖/攪拌一下, 就OK。| Add 10-15ml Warm Water + Nut Butter, close the lid tightly, and shake up & down for 20 times. Then add 250 ml Cold Water and shake up & down for 20 more times. Done, ready to enjoy!  
5. 為什麼「搖 」好的堅果植物奶,存放一段時間後會出現沉澱❓ | Why there are residuals after I sit the Nut Milk for a period of time?   
因為自製的堅果植物奶只有滿滿的營養,沒有乳化劑或防腐劑,所以出現沈澱是很自然正常!出現沈澱就把它再「搖」均勻一下,就ok👌| This is normal, as this nut milk is made from our natural nut butter, which is free from hydrogenated oils and other stabilizer. Just stir it before drinking is ok.   
6. 所有的堅果醬也可以用來「搖」成堅果植物奶嗎❓ | Can I use any type of nut butter to make Nut Milk?
可以, 只是用原味去皮杏仁果醬原味腰果醬做的口感是最好。| Yes, but if you want to make a Nut Milk with smooth texture, we recommend to use Blanched Almond Butter and Cashew Butter